Friday, July 07, 2006

Today 3 years ago

On July 7th 2003 I had my first day as a professional poker player. I won he first hand I played that day with four aces. I won $98 and left the casino feeling like a million bucks. In the three years since I've had plenty of good days and bad, but I've had 34 winning months and only 2 losing months (September of 05 and March of 06). I tell everyone who'll listen that I have the best job in the world. After all if I was retired or had tens of millions of dollars I'd still spend a great deal of my time playing poker. Hopefully today will be just as revolutionary and today 3 years ago.


Eebster said...

For those of you logging on to the blog more often than nightly to get the play-by-play, I don't want to steal Dave's thunder (win or lose, there'll be some great stories appearing here later), but I will tell you that as of the first break, he had doubled his 2500-chip starting stack (he actually was at about 5100).

Eebster said...

If you believe in karma, I have an interesting story:

You read in Dave's preview how he got started three years ago today. Well, this July 7th he avoided losing his very first hand to somebody else's four of a kind by folding. (Had he played, he'd have made a full house, the second best possible hand, and had a VERY short day!)

Well, I DO believe in karma, and I think the hidden meaning here is that Dave has come a long way in three years, and now he can rely on his skill to do well even if he isn't getting four aces to help him (though a little luck here and there would be a welcome gift).

So I say here's to the beginning of a long-lived tradition of profitable July Seventh's!

Anonymous said...

I have a question: When do you get a name, or a gimmick? When can we call you Dave "The Destroyer", or "Big Bad Wolf" Huff, or Dave "The Hacker"? Actually that last one sounds like a bad slasher movie, but you see my point, yes?

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