Friday, July 28, 2006

Let's get this party started!

Group A kicked off the World Series Main Event today with over 2500 players (after you account for the alternates - I've actually gotten conflicting info about this number so I'm not really sure) and according to the reports I've read, the "real" celebrities showed up in droves. Among the celebrities putting their money on the line on day 1 were Toby Maguire (spiderman: who plays tons of big poker tournaments), Wil Wheaton (aka Wesley Crusher from star trek who is also a serious player and now works for, Mekhi Phifer (from 8 mile and other movies), Matthew Lillard (from Scream 1 and Starship Troopers), James Garner (who's been in a ton of movies), Danny Masterson (Hyde on That 70's Show) and Norm MacDonald (from Saturday Night Live). Laura Prepon (Donna on That 70's Show) was among the only 55 women who started in group A. Here are a few other fun facts and plagiarized blurbs from the recap.

It took 7 minutes for the first player to go down the tubes.

A Card Player reporter was confirming the name of Full Tilt online qualifier Mike Wrublik when the player sitting next to Wrublik, John Coito, seemed particularly interested in the name. When a reporter returned to the table, Wrublik explained the interest further. Apparently Wrublik had beaten Coito heads up in the Full Tilt qualifier to get his seat and now they're sitting next to each other in the main event.

Joe Sebok has arrived at the tournament dressed as "Robin" from the Batman and Robin comic book. Sebok lost a bet to Gavin Smith on who would perform the best during the preliminary events at the 2006 WSOP. Sebok must make an appearance dressed as a different super-hero for each day of the main event (Smith gets to choose which character).

The oldest entrant is 91 years old (he's already been eliminated).

Table 134 has an empty seat. The player that was supposed to be in seat 8 has not been inside the Rio once today as 11:30 p.m. approaches us. The player is being blinded off and is now down to $1,800. (This one makes me cringe - and double check my receipt to make sure it wasn't supposed to be me)

Jack Mahalingam is all-in for $5,000 and is called an opponent in late position. Mahalingam shows 8c8s and his opponent has 55. The flop is 6s5s5c and his opponent flops quads. The turn is a 9s giving Mahalingam a gut-shot straight flush draw (his only way to win). The river is the 7s giving Mahalingam the straight flush and the hand.

Jen read me the above and said "some guy" instead of Jack Mahalingam. It turns out that I know this fellow (he's an Oaks Club regular and came over to our house to celebrate once on a day when we both had five figure wins) and Jen didn't recognize the name because he goes by Bombay Jack and that's what we always call him.

Jen and I (and Matt for some of the time) spent the Day at the Aladdin Casino. While Jen did some shopping, Matt and I played in a low buy-in No Limit cash game. After about 2 hours I was ahead a whopping ten bucks and decided to get out of there quick before I blew it all back. Matt headed off to hang out with one of his friends (a Vegas local) and I headed to "Betsey Johnson" (not to be confused with Betsey Ross or Magic Johnson - I was expecting to see basketballs wrapped in American flags) to help Jen choose between 1 of 3 dresses. Afterwards we spent a few hours playing Pai Gow and Craps and then had a nice dinner at Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant. After a short walk (yes we walked!) back to the MGM we've been watching some T.V. and Jen's been forcing me to eat an insane number of cookies. I keep saying "honey I couldn't possibly eat anymore cookies" and then she says "I'm moving out and taking the cats with me when we get back to California if you don't eat more cookies!" Then she snarls at me like a wolf. What choice do I have, but to keep eating cookies. If I look fatter the next time you see me, at least you'll know who to blame.

I'll be up around 10 a.m. tomorrow and after what is hopefully a satisfying breakfast I'll be headed to the Rio around 11:30. I'm going to do my best to focus on making the best decisions at every possible moment and let winning take care of itself. It's unlikely that there will be any up to the minute updates on the blog so you'll all have to wait for my recap which hopefully I'll be writing very late at night.

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