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Monday, September 08, 2008

2008 Event #7 ($215 6-Max PLO) Underway

We started today's $215 buy in 6 handed pot limit Omaha tournament with 2,457 players (a few more than I expected). I played a $55 satellite to this tournament earlier with no luck, but it was still a good warm up.

After an hour of play we're down to 1,535 players! That is a ton of bust outs for the first hour of a tournament where everyone starts with such deep stacks. I guess it's the nature of 6 handed play that you have many more major confrontations than you do at a full table. I also suspect it has something to do with most of these players having no clue what they're doing.

I'm doing OK. I had my starting stack of 3,000 chips up to about 4,000 then I dropped down to 2,000 when I made the second nuts against the nuts (something that happens much more in Omaha than in hold'em). But I've wiggled back up to about 2,700.

For those of you who know nothing about Omaha I'll give you a brief description. It works just like hold'em except instead of 2 cards everyone is dealt 4 cards. You then use EXACTLY 2 of those four cards along with the 5 community board cards to make your best 5 card poker hand. So for example if your hand is AAAK and the flop is A K 2, you don't have four of a kind or even a full house. The best hand you can make is three of a kind using two aces from your hand and one on the board. Also if your hand is the ace of hearts and 3 small clubs and the board comes with four hearts on it, you don't have a flush. You have to use exatly two cards from your hand and three from the board.

I'll post again in a few hours.

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