Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wasting time...sort of.

I've sort of been screwing around lately poker wise. While I've put in a few thousand hands of my normal 6 handed cash games in the past week, I've been spending most of my time playing tournaments.

This week I've been playing a mix of multitables and SNGs. I haven't managed any final tables, but I have finished in the top 20 in 3 tournaments with 500 entrants or more. Of course I can bring some pride and a few bucks away from those results, but it's mostly frustrating to be just short of winning a few grand for a final table appearance or a five digit first place payday.

After last weeks attempt to do well on the Battle of the Planets SNG leader board I realized I missed playing single table tournaments a little. So while I was mixing it up in the multitables I was also seeing if I could do anything in this weeks battle of the planets. After a strong start and then a small reversal in the $100+ division I wasn't able to book a big number of points in the "low orbit" leader board (which counts blocks of 20 tournaments) and after about 80 tournaments I gave up on scoring in the top 10 in the "high orbit" leaderboard (which measures blocks of 100 tournaments).

In the $50-$99 division I had some better success. I had one block of 20 tournaments where after 18 SNGs I had EIGHT first and two second place finishes (it's some serious shit for tournaments that start with 9 players to have that many top finishes). With two tournaments left to go I was in a spot where all I needed was one 3rd place finish to move into 3rd place on the low orbit leaderboard (it would have taken two firsts to move into first overall). Instead I got robbed. In BOTH of my remaining tournaments I was in first chip position with five players left. In one I lost 90% of my chips with TT to AK and in the other I lost KK to 44 in a very similar situation. I couldn't work any magic with my super short stacks and found myself stuck in 9th on the low orbit leader board. With a few days left in the week I don't think there's any way I can hang on to a top ten spot.

But I still have a shot a the high orbit leaderboard in the $50-$99 division. After 63tournaments I have 900 points (you get 45 for a 1st, 27 for a second and 18 for a third). I need over 1,400 to be in the top 5, over 1,500 to be in the top 3 and 1,693 to be in first if you look at the current standings. Right now I'm on pace to finish with 1,428 which I think would be good for somewhere in the 6th or 7th range once the week is over. But if I can close strong I have a shot at a top 2 or 3 spot. 1st pays $1,000, 2nd $700, 3rd $500 and every place in the top 15 pays something ($80 is the bottom prize).

To be honest this competition isn't really about the money. Of course that's nice and if there wasn't any money I wouldn't go for it. But mostly I want the thrill of victory! I can say for sure that in the long run I'd be better off dollar wise just playing my 6 handed cash games. But, I am a pretty damn good SNG player and I want to take down that $1,000 for first on one of these leaderboards!

I'm off on vacation to the east coast for the next week or so and while I expect to play a little, I don't expect to post about it unless something major happens.

Don't forget the WCOOP starts September 5th! This will be right about the time I clear my $6,000 milestone bonus so I'm going to go big!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Two Tournament Victories!

I've been playing about half a dozen multitables a day for the past week or so and I've had some solid success. It's been a mix of medium buy in tournaments with lots of players and big prizes and some small buy in tournaments with fewer players.

I actually managed to win two of the latter! One of my victories came yesterday in a $55 NL tournament with 6 handed tables and about 150 entrants. I dominated the final table and took home about $2,000 for my first place finish.

The other came today in a $22 with one rebuy tournament today. We started with 198 players and I ended up on top. 1st only paid about $1,300 but it came with the thrill of victory!

Also while I was playing in the $55 tournament I mentioned above I finished 4th in an $22 with unlimited rebuys tournament that started with about 250 players. That cash paid just under $1,500!

It's been a great two days! I've had a few other cashes as well and have been playing some of the best poker I can remember ever playing. This all bodes well for the WCOOP which will be starting in about 5 weeks.

Battle of the Planets!

Sounds dramatic doesn't it? Battle of the Planets is what Pokerstars calls their weekly SNG leader board. It really pisses me off that as soon as I stopped playing single table tournaments they created a leader board for them! Bastards!

This week as part of their 2X promotion Pokerstars doubled all the prizes on the Battle of the Planets. As a result I decided to take a little shot at the leader boards to see how I would do.

The leader boards are split into 8 buy in levels with the lowest being Mercury at $1-$3 and the highest being Jupiter at $300+. I decided to focus my attention the $50-$100 bracket (Uranus) and the $100-$300 bracket (Saturn).

You score points by finishing in the money in SNGs. For a standard 9 player SNG first place is 45 points, 2nd is 27 points and third is 18 points. There are two leader boards for each buy in bracket: one that looks at who scores the most points over blocks of 20 tournaments and another that looks at blocks of 100 tournaments. Only your first 5 blocks of 20 tournaments count for the first set and you can enter as many blocks of 100 as you want. Anyone who finishes in the top 15 on any leader board gets prize money and anyone who finishes in the top 10 in any leader board gets entry into a tournament with a $50,000 prize pool at the end of the month.

Since I didn't want to spend too much time on this I decided to play 100 $60 SNG's and 100 $114 SNGs. After completing my set of 100 $60 SNGs I'm currently in 9th on the 100 tournament leader board. With only 20 hours left in the week I'm hoping to stay in the top 10. Unfortunately 37th was the best I could manage on the 20 tournament board. (in case you're wondering I think it's 9th out of 70 and 37th out of over 1,000)

In the $114 tournaments I've only played 65, but it doesn't look too good for the 100 tournament leader board. I'm hoping I can bust out a nice block of 20 and get in that way.

I'm only looking at making $250 for 9th place in the $60 100 tournament race, but the prize pool in the monthly tournament has been doubled this month to $100,000 so I'm hoping to hang on to a top 10 spot for that.

I've had fun participating in the competition and I suspect I might take a few more shots at it in the future. Getting 1st on either leader board in the Uranus division is normally worth $1,000 and it's $1,200 for the Saturn division. I feel like if I gave it a good shot I could win it one of these weeks.

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Brief Visit to High Limit Territory

I was having one of those days today. One of those days where I was constantly finding new and horribly frustrating ways to lose. But I felt like I was playing really well.

Like many other days in the past and I'm sure many days in the future I made the dubious decision to play for tons of money in an effort to get even on the day. I went from a mix of $10/$20 and $5/$10 games to one $30/$60. I was losing about $1,500 on the day when I switched gears and after about 10 minutes of $30/$60 I found myself down about $2,500. CRAP!

Amazingly I was not feeling like a total moron, and wasn't feeling off my game, just unlucky. So I really decided to put my luck to the test and jumped into a $100/$200 game! Whoa baby!

It's been more than 2 years since I last played $100/$200 and it's the biggest game that I've ever played. On that occasion I was playing a full game in person at the Commerce in L.A. which is quite a bit different than a 6 handed, fast paced online game.

I sat down with $5,000 in front of me hoping to make a few hands...and I did. After playing for a little while I was dead even (in that game) and in the small blind. The button raised and I three bet with AJ. The flop came A high, I bet the flop and got called. The turn was a blank I bet and my opponent folded. Bang, an $800 pot and a $400 profit on a hand that didn't even have any action on the turn!

On the next hand the same player raised and I three bet with AT suited. The flop came down ten high, my opponent called a bet on the flop and the turn and folded on the river. This time it was a $1,200 pot and a $600 profit. Nice.

One round later I found myself in the small blind again, this time with QT of clubs. The button raised and I thought about three betting, but just called. The big blind three bet and we took the flop 3 way. The flop was AK5 with 1 club. I checked, the big blind bet, the button folded and I decided to take one look. There was $1,000 in the pot and it was only costing me $100 to continue. If I didn't hit a J or a club on the turn I was done with the hand. Guess what came on the turn...the jack of F-ing clubs! DING!

Now I had the total nuts (with a redraw to a flush) and I decided to go for a check raise. Happily my opponenet bet $200 after my check and I quickly raised him to $400. He called me down on the turn and put in another $200 on the river and I dragged a $2,400 pot (which may be the biggest cash game pot I've ever won). I went from down $2,500 on the day to up about $200 in the matter of about 3 minutes!

But I then I gave some of it back. I was all set to get up after playing to my blinds, but then I picked up AJ. I raised and got called by the guy who'd beaten with no showdown on the first two hands I mentioned. The flop came down 774 and he check raised me. The turn was a J which looked like a great card, but when I raised my opponenet after he bet the turn, he quickly 3 bet me. The river was a blank, he bet, I called and he showed me AA! I dropped $1,200 on that one hand and all of a sudden I was stuck $1,000 on the day. I had to just sort of stare at the screen for a minute after that one.

The money really moves in $100/$200! I wanted to keep playing, but thought better of it and called it a day. I think I'll give it another go if I find myself ahead $2,000 for the day sometime soon.

In other good news, I cleared my $5,000 bonus for reaching 500,000 points today (even though it's a bonus for hitting 500,000 points they make you earn another 25,000 before the actually give it to you - kind of stupid). Along with the money I made from Matt at the WSOP this is turning out to be a pretty profitable month!

Man, that jack of clubs was SWEEEEEEEET!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Even More Easy Money?

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog may remember a few months ago when I made $400 as the result of a banking problem on Pokerstars. In that instance a widthdrawal that I made was delayed about 3 weeks and since it was a $2,000 widthdrawal and they were offering everyone who was affected by the problem 20% of the amount they were taking out, $400 was added to my net worth out of thin air.

Recently something similar happened. A month or so ago I played a few tournaments on and then cashed out my total balance of $881. I deposited the check and it went through normally. Then a few days ago I got an e-mail telling me with no explaination that I'd made two deposits: one of $881 and another of $100. I looked in my account and sure enough there was $981 sitting in there even though I'd made no deposits and no money had come out of my bank account.

I e-mailed support asking what was going on and they told me that since there had been a problem with my last cashout they were crediting the amount back to my account and adding another $100 to cover any bank fees.

At the very least I've made $100 here, but I think I've in fact made a free $981. Like I said it's been about a month since I deposited that first check which seems like more than enough time for it to bounce.

While there's never a bad time to pick up a grand, part of me wishes something like this could have happened to me when I was about 15 when I REALLY would have appreciated it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

144th Place for Matt

Sorry it took me 24 hours after I got the news to put up this post. Matt went broke about 4 hours into play on Saturday. Here is what he had to say is his last e-mail.

Hi all,

As a lot of you know from following online, I got eliminated in 144th place. That was worth about $41,800. I'm a tad disappointed, but certainly happy overall. I have notes from the entire tournament, and over the course of the next week, I'll type them up and send them out, so that anyone who is interested in hearing how the tournament went can read about it.

In my final hand, with the blinds at 8K-16K, the button made it 35K. It was folded to me in the BB, and I pushed all-in for about 250K with pocket tens. He thought for a while and called with K-J and flopped a jack, and bing bang boom, that was it.

I just got word that he is either the chip leader or among the chip leaders, which is friggin scary since he was really not a good player. He had all his chips at risk with J-J against A-A, in a situation where it was obvious that his opponent had pocket jacks beat. But he ends up flopping a set of jacks and turning quad jacks, so I guess that is how you get the chip lead at the World Series. That, and calling 250K with king-high. :-) Que lastima.

Everyone in Vegas has their money already. I will see all you California people over the course of the next week to make sure you get your shares.

Thanks for all of the support. And hey, let's do this again sometime! :-)


Good work Matt! I have to say that the money I made on the tournament was the easiest money I've ever made. 10% of $41,800 is of course $4,180, but I actually ended up making more than that!

On Saturday morning my good friend Jake e-mailed me and said he wanted more of Matt's action than the 1% he had. He wanted to know if I'd be willing to sell a little of the action that I had. So I sent him the following e-mail:

I have an offer for you and here is how I came up with it. The total prize pool at this years main event was $64,333,600. So far they've paid out $13,527,307 leaving
$50,806,293 left up for grabs.

There are a total of 136,880,000 chips in play and matt has 308,000 which is .225%. .225% of $50,806,293 is $114,314. So 1% is worth about $1,143 but I'll sell you 1% for the bargin price of $1,086 (which of course comes with a refund of $386 already built in). Let me know what you think.

Happily for me Jake decided he wanted 2% and while I was feeling conflicted about giving up a little bit of my piece of the pie, I thought it was just too good an opportunity to pass up. Sorry Jake!

Anyway congrats again to Matt!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Matt's Post Day 4 E-mail

Here's what Matt had to day after day 4:

I've heard that some of you are following the action online. That's pretty cool. I actually called Dave to tell him about a hand I was involved in, and before I could tell him about it, he told me he had read the hand online. Pretty cool.

So yes, I am still alive. We are down to 189 players. I am guaranteed $38,600.

The bad news is that I did not make too much forward progress in my chip count. I ended the day with 308,000, and the average stack right now is about 750,000. That means that I have my work seriously cut out for me tomorrow. But as I keep telling myself, anything can happen as longas I'm still in.

I was down as far as $200,000 but then made some upward progress from there.

I also moved all-in at one point with A-K on a flop of 10-5-3. Thankfully I was not called.

The sickest hand (which is the one that was broadcast on went as follows. With the blinds at 4,000-8,000, the first player made it 20,000 to go. Three people called, which was really unusual, since our table wasn't typically loose. When it got to me in the small blind, I found pocket queens. There was already over 90,000 in the pot, and I felt that the only player I really had to worry about was maybe the original raiser, or maybe the first guy that called him. Anyway, I raised to 140,000. When it got back to the first raiser, he immediately looked at me and said, "How much does he have left? 240,000? Ok, I'm all in." The next guy folded what he said was pocket jacks. The next guy calls with what turned out to be ace-king. The next guy folded, and I just couldn't see how I could call in that spot. I was 90% sure he had aces, or else I figured he had to have at least pocket kings to move in so quickly. At any rate, I folded, at which point he turns up king-queen offsuit. It was a sick and bizarre play, and the worst part is that it cost me a HUGE pot. If he folds instead of making that wacky play, I'm probably getting called by the jacks and the ace-king, and given that the board never had a card higher than nine, I could easily have gotten up to 900,000 from that hand. Instead, I was down to 240,000 and fighting for my life. In fact, I still am. We're coming back to a brief period of 5K-10K blinds, and then it goes up from there.

I've said it four times, so I might as well say it a fifth: I'm clearly an underdog to make it through tomorrow. I will need to get very lucky and catch some cards, or make some plays against some really good players, or else I might not be around very long. But I've made it this far, so who the hell knows, right?

Play starts at noon tomorrow. They have running updates on and I think also on for anyone who is interested.

If I somehow make it through, then we will be looking at some REAL money. That, as Dave says, would be some shit.

Good luck Matt!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Matt Still Alive at the WSOP!

Matt continues to do his thing at the main event of the WSOP. At the end of Day 4 there are 189 players remaining and Matt has about 300,000 in chips. The average stack is a little over 700,000 so Matt has a little work to do. But when you consider that when the players come back blinds will be 5000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante for another 40 minutes (for some reason they decided to stop play early and right in the middle of a level - weird) and then go to 6,000/12,000 with a 2,000 ante for 2 hours he really has enough that he's no where near desperation mode.

Right now Matt is guarenteed a payout of at least $38,600 ($3,860 for me! Yay!). Moving up to 157th or better will put another $3,200 onto that and then the pay jumps start getting big and more frequent. 99th is $51,466 and 90th is $64,333. I won't even go beyond that since my keyboard will probably short out from all the drool.

Also of note I'm being a very lame friend and not making the trip out to Vegas tomorrow. I told everyone including Matt that I'd make the trip if he made it through day 4, but I've since had the realization that I'm still Vegased out from the 9 days I spent there a few weeks ago. If he makes in through tomorrow I'm going to have to go no matter how I feel.

Keep up the good work Matt!

The End of Day 3 for Matt

Here's what Matt had to say in his latest e-mail:

We are in the money! We got there at about 11:30 PM tonight, and I just finished play at about 2:30 AM. I believe we are down to about 480 players, and I think I am guaranteed about $27,000, but I'm not sure of the exact numbers. You should go to to check the latest, since I am too tired to do that now.

I have $268,000 in chips. The average stack is about $285,000 so I am slightly below average but doing fine. We are coming back to blinds of $2,500-$5,000 with a $500 ante, so it will be fast. In other words, we will probably play down from 480 players to about 100. As I've said every day, I am definitely not a favorite to make it through all of Day Four. But if I can do it, that would certainly be sweet.

I had Brandon Cantu at my table for most of the day, who is probably the best tournament player in the world that no one has heard of. He played outstanding, and made it very difficult to make any moves or get out of line. I also had Jeremy Joseph, the chip leader with $1.6 million at my table, so I'm just happy that we get to re-draw tomorrow. I'll take my chances against a new lineup.

Two hands of note. When I had about 125,000, I was lucky enough to pick up pocket aces and have someone else find pocket kings. We got all the money in, and the aces held up. That was pretty huge, and assured me that I would finish in the money.

The second hand was a little sicker, near the very end of the night. With blinds of $2,000-$4,000 I made it $14,000 with pocket queens under-the-gun. A pretty strong player called and Cantu called, and they both had position on me. The flop came K-8-3. I made up my mind that I was going to check-raise Cantu. However, the player between us came out with a $30,000 bet. Cantu folded, and for whatever reason I decided that I was going to take my stand there. I pushed all-in for about $160,000. He thought and thought and said, "I think we have the same hand." He kept saying, "I think we have the same hand," which told me that he had A-K and that I was in very deep shit when he called. In fact, I couldn't see how he would fold. But remarkably, he decided in the end that I must have had pocket aces the way I played it, and he threw it away. Phew. That could have been the end, but instead I get to come back and take another shot.

I'm tired, but feeling pretty good. It's nice to think that I have roughly a 1-in-500 chance of being the next World Champion. It's way too early to be thinking like that, but on the other hand, it's hard not to.

Thanks again to Jeremy for his constant support at the Rio, and to Alan for giving me rides even at 2 in the morning.

Play starts at 1 PM tomorrow (or I guess it's today). I'll let you know how it goes. Best of luck to all of us.


Go get those bastards Matt! If he makes it through today I think I'm going to make an emergency trip to Vegas!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Matt in the Money!

Matt has done his thing and made it to the money in the main event! About 20 minutes after I put up my last post Matt called to say he'd won a few pots and was up to about 150,000! This was great news.

He meandered through the day going up to about 175,000 and then back down to 125,000 before picking up AA vs KK and doubling up with about 725 players left!

It took forever for the players to go from 700 down to the magic number of 666 remaining players. Just after making the money Matt had 237,000 chips and was guaranteed a pay day of $21,230! Of course only 37% of that is going to Matt since he sold off a good chunk of his action before the tournament.

For those of you who are wondering what the other payouts look like here they are:

1st $9,119,517
2nd $5,790,024
3rd $4,503,352
4th $3,763,515
5th $3,088,012
6th $2,412,510
7th $1,769,174
8th $1,286,672
9th $900,670
10-12th $591,869
13-15th $463,201
16-18th $334,534
19-27th $257,334
28-36th $193,000
37-45th $154,400
46-54th $135,100
55-63rd $115,800
64-72nd $96,500
73-81st $77,200
82-90th $64,333
91-99th $51,466
100-162nd $41,816
163-225th $38,600
226-288th $35,383
289-351st $32,166
352-414th $28,950
415-477th $27,020
478-540th $25,090
541-603rd $23,160
604-666th $21,230

For those of you who are wondering what my 10% of the action would be worth on the open market the 237,000 chips that Mat has are .173% of the chips in play and the total prize pool is $64,333,600 so his chips are worth $111,297 and my 10% is worth about $11,000. Of course if that expectation might not be realized so if there are any buyers out there I'll give up my piece for $10,000!The most exciting part is there is about a 1 in 650 chance of me taking home close to $1,000,000. Think about that for a second. I've had plenty of 1 in 1,000 shots come through for me before so I'm really starting to dream big here!

Good luck Matt!

Matt at the WSOP

My friend Matt Lessinger has made it through day 1 and day 2 at the WSOP main event! Here's the e-mail he sent me summing up the conclusion of day 2 action:

Hi all,

OK, two days down. I made it past Day Two, and I start Day Three in about half an hour. Yesterday was a real struggle, including (as I told Dave in a phone call at the break) playing at what I consider to be the toughest table of players I've ever faced. I am very happy to draw for a new table today and take my chances with some new opponents.

I hovered between 30,000 and 50,000 for most of the day, but right near the end, I had a hand that worked out well. I picked up two black aces. Someone raised to 3,200, I made it 8,000, and he called. The flop came K-Q-3 all diamonds. He checked, and I bet 12,000, which basically committed me to the pot, since I had only about another 25,000 left. He sat and thought for a while, and he looked like he was really struggling with what to do. I didn't think it was an act. Finally he shrugged and said, "OK, I'm all in." I thought briefly, but figured that he most likely hand was A-K with the ace of diamonds, and I had to go with my aces. I called, and was thrilled to see that he had A-K with the ace of hearts, so the only thing that could save him was one of the two remaining kings. They didn't come, so I doubled up to about 90,000 in chips.

As it turns out, I didn't pick up a single hand in the last 45 minutes that followed, so I ended Day Two with 82,000 in chips. That's slightly below average, and slightly below my goal of 100K going into the day, but all-in-all I'm fine with it.

There are about 1,350 players left, and the top 666 make it into the money. At this point, realistically my chances of finishing in the money are about 40%. In order to do it, I need to make it through all of today, and with the blinds starting at 800-1,600 and going up from there, I will obviously need to win some decent pots to make it through the day. But so far so good, and I'll try to continue the upward movement.

Thanks again to Jeremy for making the trek to the Rio to give his support each day. Thanks to Alan for going clothes shopping for me at 1 AM when I realized I had no clothes left for today's tournament. And thanks to Timmy for stopping by on his way out of town.

I'll let you know how today went. Hopefully we'll all have a little more money in our pockets at that time.


Just a reminder that I have 10% of his action! 666th place pays $21,000 so it will be a great pay day for us both if he can make it that far. You can check out other details of the main event at I'll put up a post when he goes broke or makes the money.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Double FPP Recap

Day 6 of the Pokerstars double point promotion was a total disaster. I ended up losing about $2,600 and I didn’t make it to my daily goal of 10,000 points.

The day started off poorly, but it was a slow drain. I found myself down $1,000 after a few hours, but wasn’t feeling too bad about it. I was losing, but it was a combination of not much in the way of good cards for me and plenty of good cards for my opponents. That kind of losing is easy for me to handle.

The type of losing that I have trouble with is when I’m getting great cards, making big hands and losing to garbage hands that miraculously connect with the board cards. Or when people are bluffing on flop and the turn and I’ve decided to call them down with a marginal hand and then they improve just enough to beat me on the end.

For example there was a hand where I raised with 88 and got called by the big blind who had 97. The flop was K 5 3, he checked I bet and he called with no pair and no draw. The turn was a 2 and he check raised me with no pair and no draw and then the river came a 9 and he bet and I called. There were plenty of other hands in a short span that had a similar script.

As a result I went from irritated to angry to super duper mega pissed off over the course of about 20 minutes. During that span I played about 250 hands, took 26 to the showdown and lost 20 of them (normally I’d expect to win about 15 of those hands instead of 5). The thing that’s critical about pots at showdown is they are almost never small pots. In the games I’m playing in you can just about always expect a raise before the flop and at least one bet on every betting round. So in a $10/$20 game that’s a pot size of at least $140. If I win 15 of those pots instead of 5 I’ve got at least another $1,400. Smartly I decided in a fairly reasonable amount of time that I was in no state of mind to keep playing and quit for the day.

While the day was a real disaster, the week was a moderate success. Luckily since I’d overshot in point production on the early days of the week even though I didn’t make it to 10,000 on the last day I did manage to surpass my goal of 60,000 points in the 6days. And although I lost about $600 in the actual play I still made a few grand as a result of the insane number of points I earned. I took the past two days off and I'm ready to get back on the horse tomorrow.

In other news my good friend Matt Lessinger has made it through day 1 at the WSOP main event! There were a total of 6,844 entrants at this years main event who all in one way or another put up $10,000 to play. Given the massive number of players the first day of play was split into four groups who played on four different days. Matt played on Day 1D (which was Sunday, with Saturday being 1C, Friday being 1B and Thursday being 1A) and of the 2,461 players who started that day 1352 made it through. After starting with 20,000 chips Matt was up to about 45,000 at the end of his first day of play. Today was day 2A where everyone who survived on day 1A and 1B came back for their second day of action. Matt's second day will be tomorrow (Wednesday). Anyone who makes it through day 2A and 2B will be back on Thursday and the players who make it about half way through that day will be in the money. Good luck Matt!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Halfway to Glory

During my double FPP extravaganza I've crossed over the 500,000 point mark for the year meaning I'm a little more than half way home! In fact at the end of Sunday in order to be on pace I need to be at 513,661. I expect for the first time since January 1st I'm going to be on pace to make my goal.

In the five days I've played so far I've managed at least 10,200 points a day and I'm ahead about $2,000 in actual game play. With only one more day left I plan to have my biggest production day ever and then take a few days off! Looking back Sunday will be the 22nd day in a row that I've worked! But since I've made about $12,000 in that time I guess it's been worth it.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

2X FPP's Day 2 & 3

So far this double points stuff has been great! On day 2 I managed 10.600 points and a moderate but not insignificant profit of $225.

Today I blew it out with a profit of $1,800 to go along with 10,200 points. Amazingly I felt like I was getting my ass kicked all day, but I had a few 10 minute bursts where I got crazy hot and at the end of the day it all added up to a nice win.

So far in 3 days I've put 32,000 points toward my year end goal. That's the eqivalent of about 2 weeks of moderate effort. It's also generated FPPs worth $1,682 to go along with my $3,000 in winnings. While the effort required has been draining, so far it's completely worth it. This is shaping up to be a very profitable week!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

WCOOP 2008!!!

They announced the schedule for the World Championship of Oniline Poker (WCOOP) today. Last year there were 23 events up from 18 the year before. This year there are going to be 33 events!

In addition to ramping up the number of events they've added a few HUGE buy in events. There's a $10,000 NL hold em, a $10,000 HORSE event and an insane $25,000 heads up matches tournament! They've guatanteed a 1.6 million dollar prize pool for the $25K which means they'll need at least 64 players. A tall order for the biggest buy in event in online poker history!

Of course there are a slew of $215, $320, and $530 events that I plan on playing. At first glance I think I'm going to be playing at least 15 events this year. More to come on the WCOOP as we get a little nearer to the start date of Sept 5th.

If you want to see the full schedule here it is

Quick Update (2X FPPs Day 1)

I managed to play more hands today than I've ever played in one day before. I played 5,046 hands today and earned about 11,200 points (I played a mix of four $5/$10 games and two $10/$20 games). If I could earn this many points whenever I wanted it would only take me 89 working days to make my yearly goal of 1,000,000.

Those points translate into 39,200 FPPs which are worth $589. Not bad for one days effort. I also made just over $1,000 in actual winnings so it was nothing short of a great start to my week. I'm certainly tired, but feeling a little better than I expected. It's looking like this double FPP madness is going to take me all the way to back on pace for the year!

My goal tomorrow is to play at least 5,047 hands!

My WSOP 2023 Plans and Missions

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