Saturday, July 29, 2006

So what goes on at the WSOP besides Poker?

Hello, Jen here!
I just got back to the MGM after having dinner with Dave and everything is going pretty well. At that time he had around $12,500 chips and felt he had everyone at his table pegged. He just called me on break to report that he's down to around 7500, but still anything can happen. Last night they played until around 3:00am, so hopefully we won't hear the full story until around then.

So what, might you ask, did I do all day? Well if I didn't know it before, I do now, that poker is a huge industry. In a second room about the same size as the monstrous tournament room was a Poker Expo housing just over 100 vendor booths. A few of these were offering products such as books, t-shirts, card cappers, and bobble heads fashioned after all your favorite poker stars. The vast majority, however, were online poker sites hoping to get you to sign up. In exchange for your name and email address they were willing to trade you all sorts of things, including, but not limited to, hats, shirts, mints, chapstick, pens, bags, baseballs, stickers, swimsuit calenders, notepads, gum, sunglasses, matches, bracelets, card cappers, mini frisbees, stress balls, beachtowels, and keychains. I went a little bit overboard. Here's a picture of my haul:

I also won a one handed "tournament" which allowed me to meet Mike Sexton and have my picture taken with PartyPoker floozies. I was told I would be able to download that picture from their site, but no luck so far. I earned my beach towel by defeating a floozie in a heads up one handed "tournament". I also won a raffle which allowed me to play in an actual single table tournament with $100 going to the winner, but unfortunately I really had to go to the bathroom and my fast and loose play was quickly squashed by pocket aces. Another prize in that same raffle was a chance to go into one of those "cash grab" tubes where money flies all around and you try to grab it. Instead of money they had pieces of paper with different values written on them and I saw a guy win $500.

After convincing myself I looked like a bon a fide bag lady and just could not in good conscience collect any more free stuff, I went over to Ceasar's where our friend Matt was playing in an invitational craps tournament. That's right, a craps tournament! What will they think of next? He made it to the semifinals and won $500. Yay Matt!
If you were wondering, here's what a craps tournament looks like:

Pretty much like a craps table. But it was in the convention center, which I thought was cool, and they had cookies, cheese and crackers, sandwiches, a bar, and pretzel machine. It was all very fancy.

And that's what I did today!

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