Monday, July 03, 2006

Event #9 Preview

Event #9 is $5,000 buy-in no limit hold 'em. This is the biggest event I'll be playing other than the main event. I'll undoubtedly be facing a tougher field because almost no one who's here for 1 or 2 events is going to jump into this one (they'd rather play 3 $1,500 events or 2 $2,500's). When I came to Vegas for the WSOP I'd planned on skipping this even if I hadn't made the money in any events yet which would have meant I was down $12,000. Instead I'm only down $6,739 and after my craps miracle yesterday it seems like an easy decision. Last year this event had 466 entrants. 1st place was $657,100, 9th was $43,805 and 45th was $6,570. My plan for this event is simple. When it's over I'm going to say "Wow, I can't believe I almost didn't play this event. I'm sure glad I did."


Anonymous said...

OK, I'm ready for you to win a tournament, so that I can read "Dave 'The Destroyer' Huff beats his opponent 'Tex' Barch", which is much more fun than "Seat 9 eliminates 'Tex' Barch". It's also more fun to say "Go Destroyer!" than "Go Seat 9!" :-)

Anonymous said...

Greetings Dave!!!

I must extend my deepest sincere apologies that I was so far behind on the Alameda McHuffington WSOP 2006 Experience. So, I just spent a great deal of time reading up on a-l-l of the details in which I have missed over the last week. And, in turn, you now get all of my comments in one.

I must agree that the blog is quite entertaining and very well done. Very thorough and quite educational. I'm facinated to find out what happens next!

I'm glad that you are meeting such inspiring folk to you. The Big Names must be quite interesting to sit with as well as your new friends like Brain Injury.

Life in Vegas sounds like a lot of fun. Flusies, red bulls, trailer potties, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, The Grinder...Wish I was there...

It sounds like it's been an experience so far. I'm glad I'm all caught up with the updates so far.

I can't tell when you are playing Event ..9, you may still be playing. Tyler and I love you and we wish you all the luck...

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