Thursday, April 07, 2016

Project Manhattan Session #11 - Too Much Pressure or Something Else?

It's been almost 3 weeks since I played session #11 so the details are a little fuzzy, but here are the highlights!

After a little downturn recently, I have to say I was feeling the pressure when I sat down. It wasn't like a major weight on my shoulders, but more like a minor buzzing in the background.

The first three hours of the session were pretty tame and I found myself $150 to the good, The 4th hour, however, had quite a few big hands. On the first two hands of note I had QQ and in both got into it with a highly aggressive professional player.

On the first Mr. Aggressive and another player called $5 and I raised it to $25. The flop came down Q 5 2 rainbow giving me top set. Zing! This seemed like a good spot to slow play as there were no draws and I was up against a player who I was pretty sure would bet the turn. It checked around and the turn came out an 8. Sure enough Mr. Aggressive bet out $25 and the other guy called. I decided to just call again. This is a little questionable, but I thought that $25 was a bluff so why take him off it? The river was a J and Mr. Aggressive bet out $30 with about $170 left in his stack. The other guy folded and I put him all in. To my shock and horror he folded J8 (two pair) face up! ACK! I should have gotten paid off on that one. Mental note: Bluff this guy more.

On the next one I had QQ again, and Mr. Aggressive (who by this point had reloaded and had a $450 stack) called $5 after two other $5 calls. I made it $35 to go, everyone folded back to Mr. Aggressive and he made it $110. This looked like a hand like 88. I figured any hand I had to worry about, namely AA, KK or AK, would certainly have raised a couple of limpers, so I put him all in for $450. He called pretty quickly, I showed him my QQ, he said "I can beat that" and showed me QQ also! Nothing crazy happened and we chopped the pot.

Things went south in a hurry from there.

I got dealt AT with the T of spades and raised one $5 limper to $25. Both blinds and the limper called and the flop came down J 9 3 all spades. It checked to me and I bet $70 into the $100 pot. This was a bad idea. There was no reason to bet into 3 players on a wet board. Both blinds called and the turn came out the 7 of spades. Now the big blind came out betting $100 into the $340 pot. The big blind was a woman I've played with many times and she's really tricky. She could easily be bluffing in this spot, so I called. The river was a J and she bet $100 again. Now I was looking at $540 out there. All I could beat was a bluff, and this looked much more like a value bet. I would have folded for more, but I kind of got sucked in by the cheapness of it. I lost to A8 of spades! Ack!

I was still winning a little over $100, but I was feeling like I really blew it on that hand. If I'd just checked the flop I would have saved myself a lot of trouble. Or if I just dumped it on the turn there's no way that would have been a big mistake. More than the result or the fact that I misplayed it the fact that I was really second guessing myself, was not a good sign.

Around that time I got involved with a guy who looked about 25, was drinking a beer, and was asking questions like he'd played some before but never at the Oaks. There was one hand where after heavy preflop action he called an all in bet of about $400 into a $400 pot on a 6 3 2 flop. The board ran out Q A, he lost to 88 and didn't show. He must have called a preflop raise that went from $25 to $125 with either 77, 55 or 44 and then just called it off on the flop. The point is he was pretty loose if not totally on meltdown tilt. After that hand he ran off, got some money and bought back in for $500.

On his first hand back he straddled, I raised it to $40 with AJ of spades, a total goof ball called and Mr. 25 made it $140 to go. I wasn't really sure if he had a legit three bet hand or was on tilt. He wasn't visibly losing his shit, but he'd just made a titly call and lost in a way that would be likely to make him more tilty. I thought about moving all in, but decided to see the flop and go from there. Mr. Goofball called also and the flop came down T 9 6 with one spade. Mr. 25 bet out $100 into the $420 pot. Immediately I thought "He missed." He had $260 left and I had him covered. After some additional thought I decided that he had AK and had made a legit 3 bet preflop, but didn't know what to do when he missed and just stuck $100 out there. I decided to go for it and put him all in. Mr. Goofball quickly folded and after about 2 seconds Mr. 25 called. The board bricked out and I said "I missed." He just sat there, so I rolled over my AJ and he showed me AK! Son of a bitch! I can't believe he practically snap called me on the flop with no pair. I would not have been crazy to just dump that AJ preflop.

About two hands later I got dealt KK, raised to $25, had a short stack move all in for $125 with ATs and make a runner runner flush on me. Those last 3 hands happened over the course of about 15 minutes and I went from up $400 or so to down a little over $500. Normally you wouldn't want to leave a game where there's a dude who you know is going to pay you off who has $1,100 in front of him, but I'm not a robot and I was in no mental state to play well after those three hands. Sometimes you have to know when enough is enough.

I lost $510 over 4 hours. I'm losing $626 over 42.5 hours for the project as a whole. Boo!

After a 3 week layoff I'll be back in action Friday night.

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