Friday, July 31, 2015

Project 10K Session #5 - The Return of Mr. Green

After a long string of sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays I made it into the Oaks on Wednesday. One of the things that makes Wednesday different is that there is a $185 tournament that night so a separate crop of players comes in for that. I noticed many more $1,000+ stacks at the $2/$3/$5 than normal. I also had to wait close to an hour to get in one of the two games running.

I passed the time in the $1/$1/$2 game. After seeing a few $5 pots get checked down all the way I was not exactly pumped about sitting there for a long time.

I did get some action on one hand. I got dealt QQ in the small blind and made it $11 to go against 2 limpers. The big blind called as did one of the limpers. The flop came down 9 high with two clubs and I bet out $20. The big blind quickly shoved for $100 and I called him without thinking about it too much. The turn and the river were both small red cards and I beat J8 of clubs.

I managed to hold on to that $100 in profit and eventually made my way to table 10 for $2/$3/$5 where I folded just about every hand for 30 minutes. Looking around I noticed 3 players at my table that did not suck, and when I looked over at table 6 I noticed zero players that did not suck. So I put up for a table change and 5 minutes later made my way over to table 6.

When I got there I spotted Mr. Green - the newbie who called me down time and time again in an earlier Project 10K session - with about $900 in front of him. Now it is time for (deep breath) MY REVEEEEEEEENGGGGGGGGEE! I shall slay and flay you Mr. Green!

Unfortunately that shit face Mr. Green got up 15 minutes later. And I started getting sleepy. So sleepy. Folding hand, after hand, after hand, just sitting there doing nothing.

I'd left the house at 8 that morning and had been out all day and I decided that the smart move was to not play when I was too tired to feel really sharp. I did manage to drag a couple of very uninteresting, I raise, get two callers, and no one calls my flop bet pots in my final round that made up for the slow drain of my many folds.

I ended up putting in 2 hours and winning $159. My starting $10,000 bankroll is at $10,019 after 23 hours. 83 cents an hour! What now haters!

My Mom is in town visiting this weekend so I'm out of action until next Tuesday or Wednesday.

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