Monday, October 06, 2008

40 Days of Pain - Day 15

I started the 40 days of pain on September 22nd with 645,000 points (or base FPPs) for the year, needing to make it to 1,000,000 by December 31st. Clearly I was behind schedule. My goal has been to work for 40 consecutive days averaging 5,000 points a day.

To give you an idea of how hard that is, if I'd earned 5,000 points a day 22 days a month I would have been at a million by the end of September. Most of this year I've considered 3,500-4,000 points a full work day.

So far I'm just a little behind pace to meet my goal. After 15 days I've earned 71,000 points which is 4,000 short of where I wanted to be at this point. I'm definitely getting tired. It's tough working every single day all day, but I feel maybe a little better than I expected.

The good news is I've been winning steadily. I'm ahead about $6,500 not counting the value of the FPPs I've earned. It's much easier to play when you're winning!

I tried something a little different today. I have been playing a combination of 4 $10/$20 6-max games and two $114 SNGs all at once. The SNGs don't require nearly as much attention as the cash games, but they don't earn as many points either.

Today I decided to ramp things up a bit. Well, quite a bit actually. I played NINE 6 handed $10/$20 games at once for about and hour. That works out to about 1,000 hands an hour or 16.6 hands a minute or one hand every 3.6 seconds. If you were to play in person it would take you about 29 hours (with no breaks) to get dealt 1,000 hands. It was not easy!

Amazingly I managed to show a profit of a few hundred dollars over that stretch, but it left me feeling a little overloaded and pretty brain dead. I spent a few more hours playing 6 cash games at at time which was also very taxing, but very productive.

I did manage 6,000 points today though so I'm feeling like playing an insane number of games at once might be my ticket to success in the 40 days of pain. The only problem is if I start running bad, money can fly out the window in a hurry! Hopefully I'll keep playing well and running good!

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