Saturday, May 19, 2007

10 Billion Hand Bust

The 10 billionth hand on pokerstars came and went today. The hand was dealt on a 6 handed 1 cent/2 cent no limit table which is the smallest possible limit. The hand was dealt and then frozen so an announcement could be made and other players could come watch. After ten minutes of the support personnel making sure that everyone knew what was going on and saying MANY, MANY times that the winner of the hand would get $100,000 they let the action play out.

Then I got to witness without a doubt THE WORST PLAY IN POKER HISTORY! Two people folded! Let me say it again. TWO PEOPLE FOLDED! HELLO! The winner of the hand gets a hundred grand and two of the six players at the table folded before the flop! I can't stop saying it, TWO OF THE PLAYERS AT THE TABLE FOLDED! One had about $5 and the other about $1.75 and they must not have had a brain cell between them. Everyone at the table got $10,000 and a $5,000 entry into the WCOOP main event. They'll probably go blow it all on shiny objects or DVDs of the movie Catwoman or whatever it is that morons buy. How in the world could you be so oblivious? Incredible.

So who won the hand? The player in the big blind who started the hand with 82 cents (82 cents! Jesus!) and had no idea what was happening at the beginning of the hand. She clearly didn't know about the promotion, but managed to figure it out after support told the players 75 times that the winner would get $100,000. She got dealt 83 of clubs and made a flush to win the biggest pot in the history of 1 cent/2 cent blinds poker. Congratulations to Justine0003 who I will envy for a long, long time.

I managed to be playing during about 30 of 100 smaller milestone hands and not only were none of them were dealt on one of my tables, but none were dealt on any $1/$2 or $2/$4 blinds NL games period.

Meanwhile I had my worst day of the year today. A miserable, miserable day where I managed to combine the forces of bad play on my part and absolutely horrible luck. I couldn't do anything right today. It felt like I made the minimum on the winning hands I had, lost the maximum on the big losers I had, bluffed into made hands (I actually moved all in against a Royal Flush yesterday) and checked into hands I could have won by bluffing. And I also got TOTALLY SCREWED over and over. I kept getting pocket aces or kings and either winning $6 or losing $100.

I'd intended to play for the next three days to take advantage of the remaining days of the double FPP promotion, but as a general rule if you have you're worst day in 6 months (I lost a few more dollars on December 3rd 2006 than I did today) you need a day off. Also I've worked 7 days straight and 17 of the past 19 so I can't feel like too much of a slacker. What a terrible depressing day!

On Monday I'm going to try something that I've been wanting to try for a while. I'm going to play as many hands in one day as you would get dealt in a month playing full time in person. It's 5,600 hands which should take me 12-13 hours of actual playing time. There's a fair chance that my brain might shut down about 3/4 of the way through because while I've played 12 hours in a day before it was usually 12 hours of 1 game in person with breaks or 12 hours of 2 or 3 big multitable tournaments online so the effort wasn't as intensive. If I can make it to 5,880 that would be the same as playing 24 hours a day for a week without missing a hand. I'll let you know what happens.

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Eebster said...

Look at the bright side: there's at least two people in the next WCOOP main event that you know you can beat!

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