Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A few pictures

This is what the tournament area looked like a few minutes before the tournament started. Notice how you can't even see the far side of the room. Every one of those overhead lights has a table under it with 11 players and a dealer. Also there are even more tables to the left and the right that didn't make it into the photo. It's truly amazing.
Here is a picutre of the outside of the tournament area where a bunch of booths have been set up to sell goods and services to poker players. The most common tactic is to use flusies wearing tight clothes (like the two under the B of the absolute poker sign) to get the attention of the 90% male crowd.

This is what I did to the guy who eliminated me from the tournament! Let this be a lesson to you all not to cross me! I'll try to get some more photos (maybe some that don't suck)tomorrow.

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